Ski School - Perfect These Four Turns & Ski Anything

Stephanie Schmitt

Is a PSIA Level 3 (the highest) ski school instructor. She has been teaching people how to slay the gnar for years, and now, you get an inside scoop on some steep skiing skills.

Pete Moore, Stephanie's student, has been skiing for only a few weeks. He is very athletic and a quick study. Watch the difference in their body positioning and form. Small changes make a big difference!

Speed Control

It's all about speed control in the steeps. The steep slope will always try to make you go faster, and it's your job to use the correct tool (turn style) to keep your speed under control. The right edge angle is key. A lower edge angle will help reduce speed throughout the turn, even in steep terrain.

The Smear Turn

is similar to a carving turn, with the main difference being your ski edge angle. When your skis are pointed straight down the fall line, you will have a lower edge angle (flatter ski). This allows the skis to "drift" a bit in the belly (middle) of the turn when your skis are pointed straight downhill. This drifting reduces speed, and makes the turn take a little longer to execute, so you must be patient with this turn. Let it happen. IF you force it, you will make the mistake of doing hockey stops, and this is exhausting, when compared to patient rounded turns! And ultimately you will get from top to bottom faster than a skier who is trying to rush the turn, doing hockey stops.

-Low edge angle

-Be patient even when you ski tips are pointed downhill

-Spray snow out to the sides of the turn shape, and the end of the turn shape.

Helpful Link on Edge Angle

Pivot Slip Drill

Whirly Bird Drill

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