Backcountry Splitboard Mountaineering Course

Step foot outside the limiting boundaries of the ski resort and into the backcountry on your splitboard. Equip yourself with cutting edge tools and techniques for backcountry splitboard mountaineering. Specific to your craft, this MTN Sense course will bring beginners and intermediate riders up to speed with equipment, touring technique, style, and transitions. Expert riders will enjoy the technical sections. Learn how to use minimal gear to belay steep entrances, travel on glaciers, and create snow anchors with anything. Certified Ski Guides Adam Zok, Joey Vosburgh are amazing teachers, and you will love their style. Mark Smiley, an esteemed backcountry ski guide and the course instructor at MTN Sense, dives deep with the technical components that have ski and snowboard crossover. Scroll down to review the topics covered. The goal is for you to walk away from the course with more competence-driven confidence in the backcountry.

Want To Ride Backcountry Lines With Confidence?

  • Waist deep powder can be yours.
  • Know the 'knowables' with this comprehensive course.
  • Become a valuable contributor while touring with your splitboard partners.
  • Ask questions you didn't think to ask.

If Yes, Then This Course Is Built For You:

  • Five hours of quality instruction, in bite-sized sections.
  • Avoid common mistakes beginners and seasoned splitboards make.
  • This course is your splitboarding cheap code.
  • Adam Zok, Joey Vosburgh, and Mark Smiley, teach the meat of this MTN Sense course

Forever Access

MTN Sense offers no subscriptions, no time limits, and avalanche certification. Reference this course forever.

Easy To Complete

Complete this course at your pace.

Unique Splitboarding Course

Consider this course your splitboarding cheat code.

What sets this course apart?

  • Get educated on your schedule.
  • Access future updates for free.
  • Ask direct questions to Mark Smiley throughout.
  • Safe learning environment. Be bold with your questions.
  • View videos offline via the app

Splitboard Mountaineering Course Curriculum

Part 1 // Movement Uphill

Beacon Check with Group Check

Setting An Amazing Uptrack

Kick Turns

Proper Skinning Postion

Side Hilling Tips

When Your Skins Ice Up

Booting Up

Help! I've Fallen and I can't get up

10 Commandments For Backcountry Touring

Part 2 // Movement Downhill & Quick Transitions

Up to Down Transition

Steep Transitions

Seeing Your Line

Islands of Safety

Pivot On A Dime

Steep Riding

Poles: Keep Them Active

Leapfrog Traversing

Split Skiing

Down to Up Transition

Part 3 // Movement: Ice Climbing For Snowboarders

9 Avoidable Rookie Mistakes

Pick Pick Kick Kick.....without Pumping Out

Part 4 // Gear: What's In My Pack


Layers - Avoid Being A Sweaty Frozen Mess

Ice Axe - This One Is Just Right

Rescue Supplies - When the Caca Hits The Fan

Repair Kit - Size Up & Size Down

Food & Water While Touring

Backpack Recommendations

What's In My Pack

Part 5 // Gear: Below The Knees

Board Styles

Hard Boots or Soft Boots


Climbing Skins - Tips to Keep You Gliding

Spark Binding Quick Review

Ski Crampons - 4 Wheel Low

Boot Crampons

Waxing Your Board Like A Champ

Part 6 // Gear: Bustin' Out The Ropes

Different Rope Options

Belayed Climbing

Belayed Ski Cut

Rappelling With Super Duper Thin Cords

Ridge Line Entrances: Assessing Cornices

Belaying: Checking Cornices

Part 7 // Anchors: Oh The Places You'll Go

Intro To Anchors

Snow Anchors With Every(any)thing

Pitons - Learning The Lost Art

Evaluating Exisiting Anchors

Trees - God's Gift To Anchors

V Thread: The Boss Daddy Of Cold Anchors

2nd Piece Buy Offer

Part 8 // Expedition Skills


Glaciers - Riding Downhill & Up

Crevasses - Hauling Out Your Hide

Pitching A Strong Tent

Snow Trench Bivy

Ninja Navigation with Your Smartphone

What's Next

Trans Alps Documentary

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Digital Avalanche Course

Your pace. Yours forever.
  • Complete the video course on your schedule. Reference lessons in the future.
  • Ask Mark Smiley direct questions.

Digital Avalanche Course

Your pace. Yours forever.
  • Complete the video course on your schedule. Reference lessons in the future.
  • Ask Mark Smiley direct questions.

Digital Avalanche Course

Your pace. Yours forever.
  • Complete the video course on your schedule. Reference lessons in the future.
  • Ask Mark Smiley direct questions.

"Thank you for making something designed specifically for splitboarders. I gleaned so much from this!"

April Howard

"This course was incredible! It's packed with useful information in a really fun and engaging way. Joey and Adam together is the icing on the cake. I have taken a lot of courses at this point and this one has to be my favorite."

April Howard

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this mountain safety course start and finish?

Right now. Your pace. Yours forever.

How long do I have access to this online avalanche course?

Forever - across any devices you own.

Will watching videos of an expert make me an expert?

No- but this will help a bunch in that direction. Hands on experiences, making mistakes, and getting direct feedback are required to become an expert.

What's the difference between this course and the ski mountaineering one?

This course is specific for splitboarders. There are some shared lessons, like the rappelling skills, anchor skills and expedition skills.

Who is Mark Smiley?

Mark Smiley's passion for adventure has taken him on 30+ expeditions on five continents. He and his wife, Janelle, are the only people that have attempted to climb all 50 Classic Climbs of North America (48 successfully). He was part of a team to set a world record skiing across the entire Alps Mountain Range (1100 miles and 292,000 vertical feet) in a mere 36 days.

His avalanche safety training style is fun, mellow, and easy to understand. As an IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide, Mark Smiley is among the world's elite guides to have reached this status. More important than this certification is his candid style of conveying the best avalanche skills training techniques that will benefit you the most.

Victor Caldua was a friend and mountain guide and father who died in an avalanche while climbing Alpamayo, Peru. He left behind a wonderful wife, Alicia, and two amazing and talented daughters, Vanessa and Estefani. 10% of the profit from this course will be gifted to Victor's family for their education expenses. Vanesse wants to be an engineer and Estefani wants to be a mountain guide.

Sept 1, 2023 Update: $10,000+ sent to Victor's family, to help with school expenses. We are committed to supporting their needs indefinitely. As more people enroll, his kids' education prospects increase.