Beyond Level One

"Well, it depends..." Countless times, this cliche answer is uttered in avalanche courses. Annoying? Yes. The fact is, good decisions depend on many factors. So why not watch and learn how experts make their ski touring decisions, in real life, when their safety and well-being are on the line? Well now you can.

Did Your Rec Level 1 Avalanche Course Leave You Scratching Your Head:

  • You know what not to do and where to go
  • You are unclear about where you can go to be safe
  • You desire less theoretical, and more practical, examples of what works while touring
  • You desire instruction from experts in the field of backcountry skiing

If Yes, Then This Course Is Built For You:

  • Learn from raw and uncensored video lessons, from brains of 27 different backcountry skiing experts
  • Watch experts talking about why they are doing, what they are doing, while they do it
  • Real life examples, as they play out
  • Supporting instruction on gear, planning, communication with partners, and more

Forever Access

No subscriptions. No time limits. Reference this course forever.

105 Video Lessons

Gain insights from an array of experts in many ski locations across North America.

One Of A Kind Course

This unique course tackles the avalanche problems with real case studies.

What sets this course apart?

  • Get educated on your schedule.
  • Access future updates for free.
  • Ask direct questions to Mark Smiley throughout.
  • Safe learning environment. Be bold with your questions.

Video Curriculum

Part One - Early Season

1) Targhee Ski Resort, WY - Jediah Porter
2) Teton Pass, WY - Mark Smiley
3) Early Season Snowpack Demo - Mark Smiley
4) Gear: Drop half your pack weight - Mark Smiley
5) Belt Ranking Tool - Mark Smiley
6) Mindsets - Shane Robinson
7) Gear of Montana - Beau Fredlund
8) Stop the Glop - Mark Smiley
9) Whistler BC Zone - Eric Carter
10) Whistler BC Zone (part two) - Eric Carter
11) Winter Scouting Run - Janelle Smiley
12) Trip Report: Caroline Face, Mt Cook, New Zealand
13) Wind Affected Snow - Beau Fredlund
14) Colorado Scouting - Doug Krause
15) Data Sparse in Washington - Jake Skeen
16) New Areas, British Columbia - Mark Smiley
17) Aspen Intro - Colter Hinchliffe
18) Crystal Mtn Ski Area - Shane Robinson
19) Ice Climbing, Longs Peak - Buster Jesik
20) Gear Check - Eric Carter

Part Two: Mid Season

21) Digital Notebook - Jediah Porter
22) Guide Consultation Rocky Mtn National Park - Buster Jesik
23) Sky Pilot, Squamish - Eric Carter
24) Human Factors, Revelstoke - Mark Smiley
25) Solo Ski Touring - Jediah Porter
26) Weather Websites - Jediah Porter
27) Help Me GPS, Revelstoke - Mark Smiley
28) Considerable Skiing - Shane Robinson
29) Blower Storm Skiing - Mark Smiley
30) Storm Skiing Day 2 - Mark Smiley
31) Panel Discussion (1 of 2)
32) Panel Discussion (2 of 2)
33) Info Ex: Canadian Guide Share Information - Pierre Hungr
34) Orthopedic Surgeon Talk - Dr. Keith Hollingsworth
35) Decision Competence - Doug Krause
36) Top Down Forever Young Couloir - Mark Smiley
37) Opening Up Pucker Face, Jackson Hole - Colter Hinchliffe
38) Five Snow Types - Jediah Porter
39) Red Mountain Pass - Doug Krause
40) Steep Skiing Review - Mark Smiley

Part Three - Deep Mid Season

41) Mt Tom, Eastern Sierra - Ryan Huetter
42) Icefall Lodge Day 1 - Mark Smiley
43) Icefall Lodge Day 2 - Mark Smiley
44) Icefall Lodge Day 3 - Mark Smiley
45) Icefall Lodge Day 4 - Mark Smiley
46) Technical Entrance Couloir - Eric Carter
47) Snow Pit - Polly Layton
48) Taylor Mountain Mission - Jediah Porter
49) Training Mindset - Jediah Porter
50) Pre-Dad Backcountry Mindset - Jediah Porter
51) Pine Bough Skins - Brian Burger
52) Cornice Breaking Entry - Janelle Smiley
53) Morning Organization - Jediah Porter
54) Morning Computing Organization - Morgan Dinsdale
55) Electronic Communication Tools - Jediah Porter
56) Big Terrain, High Hazard - Janelle Smiley
57) Actual Guide Communication - Jediah Porter
58) Whiteout Day - Mark Smiley
59) Wind Slab Hunting, Canadian Rockies - Taran Ortlieb
60) New Hampshire Snowpack - Marc Chauvin

Part Four - Super Deep Winter

61) Touring in Alaska - Joe Stock
62) Calculating Risk - Billy Haas
63) Dealing With Uncertainty - Billy Haas
64) Stepping Out With Persistent Weak Layers - Billy Haas
65) Pillow Line Poppin' - Jeff Dobronyi
66) VHF Radio Talk (Part 1) - Marc Chauvin
67) VHF Radio Talk (Part 2) - Marc Chauvin
68) VHF Radio Talk (Part 3) - Marc Chauvin
69) Track Parser - Marc Chauvin
70) Double Couloir Day - Beau Fredlund
71) 10,000 Foot Day - Mark Smiley
72) Dike Snowfield Couloir, Tetons - Jediah Porter
73) Compression Test Pit - Mike Wachs
74) Extended Column Test Pit - Mike Wachs
75) Banana Couloir, Rogers Pass - Mark Smiley
76) Snow Pit Viability - Jediah Porter
77) Windslab - Jediah Porter
78) Tricky Ridgetop Conditions - Jediah Porter
79) Have An Issue? Say Something! - Jediah Porter
80) Isothermic Snow - Jediah Porter

Part Five - Early Spring

81) Ski Touring As A New Parent - Jediah Porter
82) Helpful Trees & Near Surface Facets - Jake Skeen
83) Corn Snow Hunting, Tetons - Jediah Porter
84) Melt Freeze Metamorphosis - Jediah Porter
85) Corn Snow Hunting, Disappointment Peak - Jediah Porter
86) Glacier Travel Tips - Mark Smiley
87) Bugaboos to Rogers Traverse, Crux Beta - Mark Smiley
88) Steep Couloir, Ursus Minor - Mark Smiley
89) Low Low Low Hazard, Rogers Pass - Mark Smiley
90) Mega Couloir Mission - Mark Smiley
91) Bagherra Mountain, Techy Stuff - Mark Smiley
92) Begbie Summit Day - Mark Smiley
93) Winter Returns - Jediah Porter
94) Wind Speeds & Morning Meeting Flow - Zeb Blais
95) Donner Summit Debrief - Zeb Blais
96) First Descent, Rogers Pass (Part 1) - Mark Smiley
97) First Descent, Rogers Pass (Part 2) - Mark Smiley
98) Unknown Unknowns (Part 1) - Joe Stock
99) Unknown Unknowns (Part 2) - Joe Stock
100) Unknown Unknowns (Part 3) - Joe Stock
101) Unknown Unknowns (Part 4) - Joe Stock

Part Six - Late Spring

102) Lofoten Norway - Shane Robinson
103) Alaska Sized Bergshrunds - Mark Smiley
104) Bottom Up Snow Assessment, Alaska - Mark Smiley
105) Foreshortening & Glacier Travel - Mark Smiley

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask Mark Smiley questions throughout the course?

Yes. Every video has a place where you can write in questions, and Mark will reply personally.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever - across any devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

When where the episodes recorded?

October 2021 - May 2022

Meet your instructor
Mark Smiley

Mark Smiley's passion for adventure has taken him on 30+ expeditions on five continents. He and his wife, Janelle, are the only people that have attempted to climb all 50 Classic Climbs of North America (48 successfully). He was part of a team to set a world record skiing across the entire Alps Mountain Range (1100 miles and 292,000 vertical feet) in a mere 36 days.

His teaching style is fun, mellow and easy to understand. As an IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide, Mark is among the world's elite guides to reach this status. More important than this certification, is his candid style of conveying to you the best techniques that will help you the most.

Victor Caldua was a friend and mountain guide and father who died in an avalanche while climbing Alpamayo, Peru. He left behind a wonderful wife, Alicia, and two amazing and talented daughters, Vanessa and Estefani. 10% of the profit from this course will be gifted to Victor's family for their education expenses. Vanesse wants to be an engineer and Estefani wants to be a mountain guide.

Sept 22, 2022 Update: $8500 sent to the family, to help with school expenses. We committed to supporting their needs indefinitely. As more people enroll, their education prospects increase.