Crevasse Rescue Made Easy Course

Master the simple and efficient technique for extricating yourself or your climbing or skiing partner from a crevasse with confidence. Thanks to modern wizardry and contemporary gear, you'll breeze through this system like a pro. Boost your confidence, and lighten your load, with this easy-to-learn, battle tested, step-by-step instruction. Mark Smiley's course makes learning this stuff loads of fun, just ask the thousands who've already benefited!

Traveling On A Glacier Soon?

  • Countless great adventures involve glacier travel
  • Whether on skis or foot, you need these skills
  • Reviewing and practicing will boost your confidence and safety margin

2024 Techniques: Do More With Less

  • Extract yourself, or your partner, out of a crevasse quickly
  • Reduce stress in a stressful situation
  • No need to be a 'knot ninja' to master this method
  • Only need 3 Locking Carabiners, Nano Traxion, & Tibloc!
  • No need to read confusing 150 page books on this topic

Forever Access

MTN Sense offers no subscriptions, no time limits, and avalanche certification. Reference this course forever.

Easy To Complete

Complete this course at your pace.

Top Tier Instruction

Taught by internationally certified IFMGA Mountain Guides

What sets this course apart?

  • Get educated on your schedule.
  • Access future updates for free.
  • Ask direct questions to Mark Smiley throughout.
  • Safe learning environment. Be bold with your questions.

Avalanche Course Video Curriculum

  • What you're going to learn (0:41) Preview
Roping Up for Glacier Travel
  • Rigging Yourself for Glacier Travel (10:25)
  • Test Your Knowledge 1
Haul Your Butt Out of that Crack!
  • Getting Your Own Butt Out of the Crack (17:14)
  • Test Your Knowledge 2
Crevasse Rescue for Climber
  • Haul Your Buddy Out with Minimal Gear (21:55)
  • Update: Intro (1:05)
  • Update: Transfer Weight to the Anchor (2:19)
  • Update: Spoc, Superman Squat, New Masterpoint (7:29)
  • Update: Quick Review (1:09)
  • Test Your Knowledge 3
Crevasse Rescue for Skiers
  • Progress Capture Devices (7:38)
  • Deep vs Shallow Rescue Systems (3:56)
  • Backyard Practice Intro (1:57)
  • Build Ski Anchor with Minimal Gear (1:39)
  • Prep Lip, Pad Lip, Rappel to Victim (3:34)
  • Reascend & Haul (9:01)
  • Test Your Knowledge 4
Bonus Videos
  • How To Rig A Sled (11:22)
  • Whiteout Navigation (1:06)
  • Rope Options Explained (8:22)

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Digital Avalanche Course

Your pace. Yours forever.
  • Complete the video course on your schedule. Reference lessons in the future.
  • Ask Mark Smiley direct questions.

Digital Avalanche Course

Your pace. Yours forever.
  • Complete the video course on your schedule. Reference lessons in the future.
  • Ask Mark Smiley direct questions.

Digital Avalanche Course

Your pace. Yours forever.
  • Complete the video course on your schedule. Reference lessons in the future.
  • Ask Mark Smiley direct questions.

I'm a relatively experienced climber and skier, but still found many useful tips and tricks in this course. Crevasse rescue can be an uber complicated subject, but Mark breaks it down into simple, easy-to-understand components. It's easy to pause, rewind, and re-watch the videos as many times as needed. Mark also provides updated content as new gear and refined techniques become available so the content always stays up to date. Highly recommended!

Andrew Traylor

Thank you for what you do! I climbed and skied Mt. Rainier in a single push with a team of two last spring. We couldn’t have felt comfortable up there in that terrain if my buddy hadn’t bought your crevasse rescue course. We both obsessed over the videos in preparation. Your vids helped us be so much safer and gear efficient.

Hayden Beck

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask Mark Smiley questions throughout the course?

Yes. Every video has a place where you can write in questions, and Mark will reply personally. We will meet twice a month, the first and third Sunday evenings Feb-April, via video conference. The mountain missions will be a great time to connect and ask questions in real time.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

When does this mountain safety course start and finish?

Right now. Your pace. Yours forever.

Who is Mark Smiley?

Mark Smiley's passion for adventure has taken him on 30+ expeditions on five continents. He and his wife, Janelle, are the only people that have attempted to climb all 50 Classic Climbs of North America (48 successfully). He was part of a team to set a world record skiing across the entire Alps Mountain Range (1100 miles and 292,000 vertical feet) in a mere 36 days.

His avalanche safety training style is fun, mellow, and easy to understand. As an IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide, Mark Smiley is among the world's elite guides to have reached this status. More important than this certification is his candid style of conveying the best avalanche skills training techniques that will benefit you the most.

Victor Caldua was a friend and mountain guide and father who died in an avalanche while climbing Alpamayo, Peru. He left behind a wonderful wife, Alicia, and two amazing and talented daughters, Vanessa and Estefani. 10% of the profit from this course will be gifted to Victor's family for their education expenses. Vanesse wants to be an engineer and Estefani wants to be a mountain guide.

Sept 1, 2023 Update: $10,000+ sent to Victor's family, to help with school expenses. We are committed to supporting their needs indefinitely. As more people enroll, his kids' education prospects increase.